DVD Database - the Heart of Your Movie Collection

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Do you know where all your movies are? Can you quickly and easily find the needed film in your collection? Well, if your collection of movies is large, it's hard to give a positive answer to these questions, isn't it? You know disorganized information is rather a burden than a benefit... Still there is one very good solution for this problem - ultimate DVD database like All My Movies. You must have heard about it... Still I'll say some words, because this info is sure to be of great use for any movie buff. The program is actually capable to make a single whole out of your disorganized collection of movies! Let's inch-by-inch follow this quick and easy way.

Stage One. Automatically adding movies to the collection

Adding movies to the collection in such DVD database is so easy that even a toddler would cope! The thing is that everything happens automatically. No manual data entering. No time wasted doing that. The program is very intelligent (IQ level is really high :). In the program you are welcome to follow several easy ways of adding movies, but none of them requires efforts of yours. All My Movies does everything itself and in the quickest possible time.

You don't have to waste time searching info - within seconds the program finds fresh and updated information about movies, as well as biography and actors' and persons' filmography in the most reliable sites like. The DVD database is available in many languages - it's also an advantage for many of users.

DVD Database - Main window screenshot DVD Database - Thumbnails view DVD Database - virtual shelf view

Remember to specify the local paths to all your movies. Just show the program where the movies are located. It doesn't take much time and helps to start enjoying the program from the very first minutes.

Stage Two. Tuning up your DVD database according to your taste and mood

The program is also easily tunable. You can tune it up to your liking - change the skin, choose one of the viewing modes available, experiment with templates and so on. You can also print the collection of movies, with mini-pictures of covers, the cast, and comments on the movie. Make it a beautiful album and you will have a complete overview of all the movies in collection.

Stage Three. Enjoying your amazing collection

Now that you've added all the movies, tried all functions and tuned it up, you can fill the difference between what you had before and what you've got now - using the DVD database. You will see the true value of flexible search functions, all possible variants of sorting, grouping and quick filtering of your collection, you'll love the ability to play all the movies from the single DVD database, as well as make your own screenshots and add them to movie cards. You'll be enchanted by the program's features and agreeably surprised by the customers' support level.

You will see that All My Movies is the live, fast-developing centre - the very heart of your movie collection!